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Objectives of this Course

In 1 intensive day we empower participants to reliably generate innovative ideas and creative solutions. The approach is applicable to a variety of business challenges in different domains.

Back in daily business, participants are able to successfully use these tools in their individual work or small team settings.

Our Proposal

We teach your team FASiT, our simplified version of the ASIT-method for innovation and creative problem solving. For information on ASIT and FASiT, please klick here or continue to the last page of this document.

In FASiT we use 3 ideation templates as thinking tools.

The training of each template will follow the sequence:

  1. Demonstration of an inspiring example for creative problem solving.
  2. Application of the template to a real business problem in small groups.
  3. Demonstration of an inspiring example for innovation.
  4. Application of the template to a real innovation challenge in small groups.


➲ Introduction to Business Problem Solving

We will briefly talk about different types of business problems and in what cases a creative approach is preferable to others.

➲ Cognitive Fixations - the blind spots of our inventiveness.

Through a simple exercise participants will understand how cognitive fixations prevent us from seeing superior, inventive solutions. This is a precursor for the introduction of the thinking tools - as those will turn those fixations into opportunity scanners.

➲ Converting blurry problems into Clear and solvable ones

We will take some typical business problems and write them down in one clear and concise sentence - as a "UD" - an undesired effect. Then we'll define our problem solving goal by reversing the UD into a "Wanted Action".

For each of those Wanted Actions we will develop a list of solution resources. The participants, in their small groups, will then practise this approach with a few own examples. Einstein said somewhere: "If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes to define the problem." The good news is: we'll have it perfectly defined in ...

➲ 3 Simple Steps and 3 ideation templates for creative problem solving

  • Action: the McGyver principle 
  • Variation: aka the chameleon strategy
  • Removal: the "less is more" way to astounding solutions

Participants will learn to develop creative solutions to nagging business problems (think quality, safety, design, costs, performance, pricing, behaviors ...).

➲ What if there IS no specific problem? Then we innovate!

Using FASiT to innovate by using the "function-follows-form" logic. 

In this segment the participants will apply the same 3 ideation templates to create ideas for innovative services, systems, business models, processes. The question they will answer in this chapter is not "How can we solve problem X?" but "How will a future generation of Y look  like?"

➲ Decision making - Selecting top ideas and solutions

By now we have developed a good number of amazing ideas and solutions. Too many to pursue all of them. We need to make choices. In this segment, participants will acquire a tool for making robust team decisions in short time. In their groups, they will then prioritize and select which concepts to advance. 

➲ Promoting Top solutions and innovations

In this final part, we will develop posters and supporting materials to present selected innovative concepts to decision makers. Here we'll consider some handy strategies that will support a positive decision.

Benefits of the Course

  • 4x the yield of high potential ideas and solutions compared to more traditional ideation tools.
  • Participants will become self sufficient and not depend on a specialized creativity facilitator for creative results.
  • ASIT/FASiT is structured like cooking by receipe, which makes it easy for participants to transfer it to daily work and life.
  • Your team will be instructed by an ASIT/FASiT-Facilitator with substantial business and management skills and knowledge.
  • With some months of practise and additional modules, participants can expand the depth and breadth of their skills. For tackling more complex or organizational use scenarios, e.g. using the tools for stimulating broader organizational creativity.
  • Participants do not have to leave their comfort zones to experience great success in ideation and creative problem solving.

Our Services include

  • A phone- or web-conference prior to the event to clarify organisation and specific contents. You are invited to suggest challenges to tackle in the group exercises.
  • Preparation of content and materials.
  • A printed brochure of presentation slides for each participant.
  • A laminated A4 document: "FASiT Step-by-Step" for each participant.
  • Support by email or phone for any questions that come up after the workshop.
  • Support by web-conference to assist with the FASiT-preparation of one problem solving - and one innovation topic.

"Haben Sie Fragen? Ich freue mich darauf, von Ihnen zu hören".


Dietmar Gamm – Geschäftsführer